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hollister outlet online review Winter that year , that is after the Spring Festival , Zhang participated in the district organizations of teachers for a period of half of the region's winter classes, because it is the first time , so everything was very fresh .

Classes begin Feb. 26 , the venue in the district school, the main content is the practice classes on the education front , the maximum depth study Chairman Mao's instructions on the conduct Dousipixiu , prepare against natural disasters for the people of education. At the time, finance and trade , health fronts classes, as part of their lives in institutions where the resident part of living in the school.

Classes for nearly half of early March ( lunar month ten ) day , after breakfast , the teachers in the commune units continued organizational learning . Suddenly, the radio rang, and then came an urgent notice : "Notice , notice, all persons who participate in the region's classes , in order to commune as a unit, minutes immediately to the basketball court , according to the finance and trade , culture, education , health hollister outlet online review and three large collection , transfer important files spiritual superiors . "

Hearing notice , the teachers immediately got up , with a good bench, lined up to enter the basketball court.

The venue has already done a simply furnished , the loudspeaker came the majestic "The Internationale ," the voice , the district has long been the scene of most of the leaders , including former armed forces minister sat podium , district publicity committee we are commanded by designated area to sit down. ( Prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

Soon, people were in attendance , the meeting began. District Revolutionary Committee presided over the meeting , his first speech : "Comrades, today we suddenly summoned in this case, because there is a national event to immediately convey to you that this event is - the Soviet revisionist clique of army constantly I border armed provocations in an attempt to occupy our territory , I heroic People's Liberation Army , to defend the sacred territory of the motherland, the Treasure Island of the Soviet revisionist forces waged a heroic counterattack . specific case by the District armed Minister Chen conveyed to us today 's cold, I hope you disciplined adherence to the General Assembly , listened carefully to the spirit of the meeting ! below Minister Chen welcomes us to communicate ! "

Minister Chen took out a red-headed , took the microphone, read: "CPC Central Committee , State Council and Central Military Commission on Treasure Island Battle ...... "

Battle of the specific circumstances of Treasure Island are:

1969 Soviet Union learned Chinese Treasure hollister outlet online review Island provoked the war , March 2, 1969 , 15, 17 Japan and the Soviet Union has in Treasure Island thrice yearly occurrence of large-scale armed conflict , which is a long-term Sino-Soviet conflict a collision point of friction by the Soviet side provoked.

Treasure Island , Russia called Damansky Island. Located in Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province, China , the Sino-Soviet border river Ussuri the Chinese side of the centerline of the main channel , the island area of ​​0.74 square kilometers , about 1700 meters and a width of 500 meters . 200 meters away from the West Coast , 300 meters away from the coast .

According to the Qing government in 1860 and Russia signed the Sino-Russian Treaty of Beijing , China and Russia to the Ussuri River as the boundary . As the island is located on the border river , the home throughout the twentieth century is not conclusive , China and Russia ( the Soviet Union ) have claimed sovereignty over the island .

Sino-Soviet border conflict in 1969 that occurred in the 1960s, Sino-Soviet relations between the Republic of China and one of the armed military confrontation with the Soviet Union during the climax of a series of rupture . Almost led to war between the Soviet Union and the countries of the PRC .

After the 1964 Sino-Soviet border talks fail , especially the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and made "limited sovereignty" by the Chinese government considered to be a very serious challenge.

March 2, 1969 and March 15 , the two sides hollister outlet online review of the Sino-Soviet border on the Ussuri River on an island ( Chinese party called Treasure Island , the Soviet Union called Damansky Island , an area of ​​0.74 square kilometers ) , the occurrence of armed conflict. Soviet use of tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft and was the "secret weapon" - "Hail " rocket . PLA using anti-tank guns , recoilless rifles , 40 rocket launchers and other light weapons and artillery ashore depth . Iman Soviet Frontier Corps captain killed Colonel Leonov , a Soviet T-62 tanks were transported Jihuai was towed back to Beijing Exhibition China border . Both sides claimed the other side deliberate provocation, fired first , one's own repulsed each attack, after the battle to control one's own island , but less than the other one's own casualties . In this battle the Chinese called " Battle of Treasure Island ." After fighting the Soviet Union both in riverbank build a large army. Russia's post-Soviet figures released are: the Soviets killed 58 people, injured 94 people . China has released figures : Chinese border guards killed 29 people, injured 62 people, one person missing .

That day the wind whistling , overcast day , soon to float the snow goose feather , people's heads , who are covered with a layer of snow . Thousands venue silent, orderly. We sat there motionless , quietly listening to the Minister Chen convey .

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted hollister outlet online review out: "Down with U.S. imperialism , Soviet revisionism hit ! "

"The world unite names , hit Dili repair trans ! "

" Long live the great People's Liberation Army ! "

" Swear to defend the sacred territory of the motherland Treasure Island ! "


Immediately followed by the presence of people shouting together , pitched indignant that slogan , resounded through the sky !

Since then, three- line construction curtain officially opened.

South Shore of Lake col shrimp , hollister outlet online review there is a small village , named Wu concave, concave Wu southern slopes planted with pine trees , the big two or three meters high have a small point is not the next five meters , are Misty looks cage cage . Middle of the woods there is a large flat ground stands a few straw house , north of the house planted with fruit trees, farmland south , a little further , an irrigation canal Digeng extend from west to east , at the foot of irrigation canals is the gateway to the north of Lee Local road home , south next to a team Hejiawan . Straw house stuff on both sides and a large ponds , ponds Here is a red terraces. East across the mountains on the big red , state-run farms five squadrons Huangtupo resident . Here is the location of Shun Yi Corps Battalion .

Schools run by the people's house , after all, not a long-term thing hollister outlet online review, once people suddenly want to take it back , it would not be caught by surprise . Therefore , the group decided to cover their own schools , school site selected in the Corps . The so-called brigade department, in fact, only两栋adobe straw house , facing south in building a sideline team brigade office building is east to west .

Then difficult to buy bricks , even be able to get plans also can not buy affordable, with reinforced concrete pouring , then the local people may not even heard of the word . The only way to build a house , only the most primitive way to build a house walls, adobe , vegetation as a raw material . To get ready enough adobe , brigade dedicated staff team at the sideline a few rice fields , rolling several times after digging with a brick stone drums , and called for help after school teachers pile of bricks.

One day after school, off the students, in addition to studying school teacher Sarah pool , Zhang and other teachers of the brigade to come and participate in the pile of bricks labor.

In addition to the master was dug brick work , but is basically a pile of bricks brigade enterprises and school employees. Everyone hands to dig up adobe move up, piece by piece into a neat place , above, covered with grass , let it dry. We work side , while laughing, did very vigorously .

Suddenly , digging bricks there " ah ...... " is called up , people put down the job looked and saw a man wearing upper clothes , pants hanging under their feet , bare ass lying on the floor , do women have sex posture , and while doing his mouth still kept saying something . Suddenly, a man sprang to , a hoist man lying on the floor , he pulled ahead of him , the man pulled the pants hug too late , had to pull people to run with just a stride leg , then "splash" and fell ; has been the man pulled up and hollister outlet online review continue ahead of him, who pulled a leg , " cries ...... " pants pants into a film, and then divided into two halves pants .

" Wow ...... " , the audience in an uproar , two trousers pulled by rope on ankle , the entire lower body naked, walking stride in the field , a group of middle crotch that dark , exposing his stiff gadgets, each stride , that bag of balls swinging back and forth a few children on the next . Like a circus gorilla !

Several female teachers shy quickly cover the face, the body reversed in the past.

This clown is none other than a brigade Fang Shuji brother - Fangshao Hui . Otherwise , who have the guts , who kind of shameless , indecent actually make such a low- performing it in broad daylight ?

Brigade deployed additional labor , after a winter of hard work , school covered up. Five classrooms, an office, bedroom. Due to limitations of the terrain by four classrooms from north to south , east to the west sits a classroom , bedroom, although it has also Southern and Northern Dynasties , but the West in the classroom than on the classroom back ten meters . Though all adobe houses , covered with straw , but it is after all their own schools , so we are very happy.

After the Spring Festival , the new semester began, Shun Yi primary store has moved from the Corps , the students that it is natural to a new school to school. Old teacher Xing Zhijiang due to meet the new teaching requirements , the application back to the production team work. Sarah teacher pool for family reasons and moved out . School leaving Zhang Xing and Wang Yun show three teachers .

Not enough manpower , the battalion deployed two teams begins a junior high school graduates leave school just to teach this person surnamed Wu , celebrities hair, is the eldest son of the brigade Finance Director . Superiors and appoint a new one female teacher to organize school work .

Female teacher surnamed Zhou, told hollister outlet online review, thirties , square face , not looking a bit under the left eye would be difficult to find a scar , pale skin, Qi ears , short hair, dressed in a pair of intellectuals , is Lee City Mrs. Zhang was the revolutionary Committee of the School Director .

Zhouming Ying teacher not only quite literary talent , beautiful hand -written pen writing , and quick thinking , eloquent . School, several of her oldest , she is a leader , but also a mentor and mother , because the other four schools are in the age of seventeen -year-old teacher from top to bottom , and they have limited knowledge and experience , but also are considered at that time dolls. So no matter which side of school work , depends on her mentoring .

Zhouming Ying stringent requirements of these dolls not only teachers and students, but they can demonstrate to the body , where the ask others to do her own first to do it. She asked the teachers at the school board , the energy is concentrated on education , even though living conditions are very difficult, she always stick to their posts , not Sunday rarely go home ; she asked the teachers to do a serious and responsible teaching , she set an example himself , personally for teachers on the demonstration lessons , and own lessons, correcting demonstrate to teachers who inspired us to imitate.

Under her Bangdai , the teacher's teaching ability hollister outlet online review has been greatly improved , the schools are well-organized work carried out so as to be advanced in the area of education groups to promote the region , and the region's school principals in the organization Shun Yi primary held on the spot .